Post Centre: One-Stop Courier Service in Shah Alam

Post Centre: One-Stop Courier Service in Shah Alam

Whether it is to get a package you ordered online or to send something out yourself, you can only be certain of its delivery if you use the best courier services in Malaysia. For that, Post Centre is definitely your best choice that offers a courier service, Shah Alam.

Post Centre is a one-stop courier service Shah Alam that offers various services of mail and courier services through receiving, processing, storing, packaging, distributing and delivering items to the people.

Experienced in courier service that extends to nearly a decade, with its first outlet built in November 2014 in Bandar Puncak Alam, Post Centre seized the opportunity to become the top choice in the courier service industry by offering the locals a one-stop service centre.

For the record, Post Centre has had up to 90 branches all over Peninsular Malaysia, which are mostly managed by license holders. At this courier service Shah Alam, not only offer mail and courier service, but also other services such as insurance and road tax renewal, bill and utility payment, as well as motorcycle delivery.

This courier service Shah Alam is committed to providing the locals with the best courier service by consistently offering them at a reasonable rate. They are aspired to further develop the enterprise through business opportunities for industry players by providing this business platform to them.

While it is true that Post Centre is based in Shah Alam, their branches are all over Peninsular Malaysia to offer all types of services. Let’s take a look at what Post Centre actually does!

1) Courier

It is completely understandable for you, and all of us, to get frustrated now that we are restricted from travelling far. Don’t you just miss buying new clothes, shoes, books, gadget accessories and much more stuff? But what can we do? Never mind binge shopping, even grocery shopping feels like a crime nowadays.

Well, that’s exactly why Post Centre commits to improving their system and management in order to meet your necessities, now that online shopping has grown so rapidly as high as 24.7% in the year 2020, compared to its previous year.

The options for shopping online in Malaysia have also expanded at full tilt, from e-commerce giants such as Zalora and Rakuten to departmental online stores such as Parkson, and don’t forget about the vast numbers of blogshops and Facebook stores that continue to populate the e-commerce playing field.

This one-stop centre of courier service Shah Alam has long-established strategic partnerships with multiple courier services in Malaysia such as Poslaju, City-Link Express, Pos International, ABX Express, J&T Express, NinjaVan, CJ Century, GDex, ZTO Express.

2) Insurance and road tax renewal

Is it the time of the year again to renew your vehicle road tax? Renewing your road tax on time is advisable to avoid paying any penalty fees for late renewal. It is true that road tax renewal can be a hassle, however not to worry about it as Post Centre is here for you to ensure a smooth process in renewing your road tax. 

In addition, here, you can get your life insurance from trusted takaful businesses like eTiQa, Kurnia, AmAssurance, MYEG, AIG and Zurich!

3) Bill & Utility Payment

Many find the convenience of paying their bills and utilities at the post office. Well, good news for you because this courier service Shah Alam has just that!

4) Prepaid Top-up

Of course, it wouldn’t be a one-stop centre if Post Centre does not provide prepaid top-up services as well. Cut yourself some slack and get your prepaid top-up at this courier service.

5) Motorcycle Delivery

Need to send your motorcycle out of state? Consider sending your motorcycle by post with Post Centre, as they deliver motorcycles, too!  The courier service Shah Alam will definitely help you to ship your motorcycle safely to your destination. With Motorcycle Delivery, you can send your motorcycle to anywhere within Malaysia.

Some of Post Centre’s established strategic partners that offer this service include KTMD, LineClear Express & Logistic.

6) Delivery service

Aside from the leading courier services in Malaysia, huge shopping websites like Lazada, Shopee, Pgeon have their own delivery service as well, in which you could also get through Post Centre.

For more information regarding this courier service Shah Alam, you can visit their website where you can find basic and public information such as the location of their branches and updates on the services offered.

However, if you require immediate assistance, feel free to contact them at +03-3359 6654 or WhatsApp +6013-254 4048. Another option would be by emailing your enquiry to



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